Splash Screen Templates for your Gojek like multiple services & Food Delivery business.


What is the Refund policy?

If you feel you would need a refund, we are glad to provide 100% refund. You would need to shoot a mail to: contact@deliware.space with the reason. We will send back your payment within 48 hours.

How much did it cost to create this entire pack?

We have done our best to line up some of the most essential things that your Gojek like -or- Food Delivery business would require. A lot of designers, developers, content creators have put in sincere efforts to give you the best. Believe it or not, the total cost till date to come up with this mobile app Splash screens has crossed $1000( 14 Days )

Will I receive also the source code / files for all these items?

Yes. You will also receive the respective source files So, you can make any changes to it.

What license I get to use this pack?

You can use it as many times you want for your self. But you cannot sell it to others or distribute in the manner we do. If you would want to use it for your customers, you will need to purchase a new copy from us for each customer you use it for. This will also help us to serve you better and keep adding more items for you. Overall it will help us keep this beautiful service live :)

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